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Board of Elders

Under the leadership of the C4 Elders, the membership has agreed that the following strategic ends will serve to:

1. Clarify our desired direction and bring stability and rhythm to all parts and ministries of C4

2. Provide a basis for accountability of the Board to the congregation and provide direction to the Pastoral Lead Team (PLT) and staff

3. Provide a basis for holding the PLT and staff team accountable for measurable progress as we move ahead

4. Provide empowering direction for all

5. Guide us for the next 5 year window

Note: The C4 Board of Elders serve as both Elders of the Church and Directors of the C4 Not For Profit Corporation. The PLT serve as Elders on the Board however are non voting members of the Corporation. 

Given these purposes the following ends have been developed for the next five years:

Discipleship - increase the engagement level and pattern in corporate worship, giving, Connect Groups and gift-based service of our people by 20% over the current levels.

Care - increase the strength and numbers of care ministries to meet or exceed our growing congregational needs.

Growth - under the direction of the Holy Spirit, we will expand our weekly attendance and online following to accommodate a combined annual growth rate of 15%.

Resourcing - grow and manage our many resource capacities; staff, volunteers, facilities, technology and finances, to exceed what is needed to realize our vision.

Partnership - realizing that we can do more together, we will intentionally define criteria for and choose strategic alliances with individuals and organizations to achieve our vision. 

Board of Elders


Peter Lin - Chair

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Peter Burns - Vice Chair


Stu Baxter


John Knox


Ryan Fletcher


Dave Norton



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