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Board of Elders

The Elder/Director is elected and appointed by the membership of the Church to serve as an overseer of the flock per God’s direction and defined in the scripture of 1 Peter 5. The position also serves as a Director of the corporation and not-for-profit registered charity of Carruthers Creek Community Church Incorporation.

As overseer of the flock, the Elder/Director provides care through elder prayer and spiritual support; and guidance and direction in the mission, vision and values of the Church. The Elder/Director partners, supports, affirms and cares for the Pastoral Lead Team in their responsibility of spiritual vision casting and achieving the mission of the Church.

As Director of the Corporation, the Elder/Director provides overall responsibility for the operation of the Church in accordance with the Not-for-Profit Act of Canada and the Board Governance Policy manual. The Elder/Director is a member of the Board of Directors who, as a whole, formulates and recommends policy statements in conjunction with the Pastoral Lead Team, who in turn implements such policy statements.

As an elected representative of the Membership, the Elder/Director is responsible for setting, maintaining and achieving a number of relevant member-vetted strategic goals designed to achieve the mission, vision and values. The Elder/Director monitors the accomplishments of those goals by overseeing the Pastoral Lead Team (PLT), and through the PLT, the staff and volunteers. The Elder/Director reports to the Membership.


  • In partnership with the Pastoral Lead Team, develop and communicate the mission, vision and values of the Church.

  • Provide direction to the Pastoral Lead Team to achieve strategic goals in support of the mission, vision and values of the Church.

  • Partner with the Pastoral Lead Team to ensure all legal and regulatory obligations for the Church are met.

  • Provide elder prayer at worship sites as outlined in James 5 and in accordance with the calendar set by the Prayer Director.

  • Oversee the general operation of the Church by governing per the Board Governance Policy Manual.

  • Develop, communicate and ensure members adhere to the Church’s Member Handbook.

  • Investigate leading-edge church organizations and Christian evangelical organizations to seek ways to improve and innovate in Board performance and governance.

  • Prepare for Board succession by investing in the development of members who have gifts and potential to serve as an Elder/Director

  • Succession plan for Pastoral Lead Team and invest in development of identified successors to prepare them for success.

Board of Elders


Peter Lin - Chair

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Peter Burns - Vice Chair


Stu Baxter


John Knox


Ryan Fletcher


Dave Norton



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