Start a Group with a Few Friends


Start a Sermon-Based Group

Follow Major Sermon Series in the
Fall, Winter, or Spring terms


How do I start a group?

  • Pick Up a "Group in a box" at the Connect Centre
  • Invite 1+ friends over to your house
  • Follow "Group in a box" instructions
  • Have fun!

What's in the Group in a Box?

  • Everything you need to get comfortable with your new group
  • Three Week Video starter series
  • Leadership Video training & resources
  • M&Ms and Popcorn!

What resources are provided?

  • Daily Devotionals
  • Weekly Discussion Guide & Questions
  • Weekly After-Service Table Talk Video with the Preacher
  • Resources Available in Sermon Archives


- Start a Group -
Pick Up
at the Connect Centre
in the Lobby
at all Sites


Start an Alpha Group

Have a passion to reach the lost with the Gospel? Host an Alpha Group.

What is Alpha?

  • Alpha is a series of interactive video sessions that explore life, faith and God in a friendly, open and informal environment.

What is an Alpha Group?

  • You can host an Alpha Group in your home, school, or workplace.
  • Your Alpha Group is about creating a welcoming, friendly place where people can come and ask questions to explore the Christian faith.
  • In each session there’s food, a short talk, and discussion.
  • Everything you need to run Alpha is available online and free to download.

How long does an Alpha Group run?

  • Typically runs over 8-12 weeks.

Who can I invite to Alpha?

  • Friends, Family, Neighbours, Co-workers... Anyone!


    “I was given an invitation... so I said,
    ’Why Not?’ lets try it.”
    “It turned out to be life-changing.”


    Start a Freedom Session Group

    Pursue emotional and spiritual health and growth.

    “There are things in our past holding us back, and we don’t even realize it.”
    “Walking people through this in a group format was unbelievable”

    What is Freedom Session?

    • Freedom Session is video based group curriculum. 
    • It asks us to take look into our past experiences, our strengths and our weaknesses, and challenges us to replace character defects with the character of God.

    What is a Freedom Session Group?

    • With up to 10 people, we are encouraged to look honestly at how we deal with the challenges and troubles in life.
    • A Freedom Session Group works through a workbook, with weekly homework.

    How long does a Freedom Session Group run?

    • Typically it runs 20 weeks.

    Who can I invite?

    • Begin Freedom Session group with your current Connect Group.
    • Begin a new Freedom Session Group with some close friends. 


    Other Ways to Connect Small


    Join a Group

    Group Launch • Browse Open Groups


    Lead Your Group

    Resources • Starter Series